2013 Landmark Commission Schoenknecht Award Winner

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Ryall-Pool-Boehmke House - 310 N. East Avenue

Ryall-Pool-Boehmke House – 310 N. East Avenue

Ron Lostetter from Carroll University will be awarded the Schoenknecht award for the spirit of historic preservation. Ron’s appreciation and interest in Carroll’s historic properties has grown over the years. He was nominated because of his work on the historic homes that Carroll owns.

The Ryall-Pool-Boehmke house that is pictured here is the latest project to be taken on by Carroll. Ron was very excited when he found out that this was the oldest building on campus. He was also excited when early 1900’s photographs from the Boehmke family had been found showing the details of the house. He even arranged for the Boehmke family to come and see the home again. Congratulations Ron.

The Pool family owned and lived there from 1889 until 1903. Alma (Sawyer) Pool, who was Ira’s wife and Frank and Robert’s Mother, obtained two patents. One in 1898 and the other in 1899. They were for an ironing board and a skirt waist holder. The patents can be viewed at here and here. Alma sadly died in 1902 from cancer. In 1909, Ira built the log home at 201 N. West Avenue. He stated, “I was born in a log home and I am going to die in one”. Ira was born in Eureka, New York and came to Mukwonago as a child. He married Alma Sawyer who was also from Mukwonago. Ira opened the first Cider Mill in Waukesha. Later he ran saloons with his sons, Frank and Robert. Ira died in 1918 in his log house. However, before he died he arranged to have a large granite boulder moved onto the family plot at Prairie Home Cemetery to serve as a monument.